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Professor Barry Carpenter CBE, OBE, PhD review of The 'Therapeutic Wellbeing Toolbox'

Professor Barry Carpenter CBE, OBE, PhD shares his review of the Therapeutic Toolbox.

Posted on Friday 16th December 2022

Looking for a resource that can help you to offer therapeutic support and intervention?

Written by Dr Tina Rae, our newly launched Therapeutic Wellbeing Toolbox has over 180 therapeutic strategies that can will help to develop children’s wellbeing and self-regulation skills.

After completing the screening tool, you can either prioritise one of the six areas or work through each section in turn. The six sections are Building Confidence and Self Esteem, Effective Thinking (CBT), Mindfulness, Positive Psychology Tools, Anxiety Management, and Anger and Stress Management. 


A review from Professor Barry Carpenter, CBE, OBE, PhD, a Professor of Mental Health in Education at Oxford Brookes University

“The Therapeutic Toolbox is a groundbreaking resource from the distinguished Child Psychologist , Dr Tina Rae.

Within a framework of Positive Psychology there is a clear focus on building emotional resilience through dynamic and innovative activities. These are laid out in 6 Toolbox Card sets , designed and written in such away that they are directly accessible to the child or young person themselves. This in itself is key, in that it directly empowers the CYP to self regulate their emotions , feelings and responses . The cards are attractive and inviting ; they could be used to aid individual sessions , group activities or as a stimulus to whole class discussion .

The Toolbox contains resources to aid the activities on the cards, making it complete and easily accessible for teacher, teaching assistant ,  student or child.

For years a debate has raged : that Education is not therapy . Indeed it is not ! But it should have a therapeutic element that addresses the emotional well being of the CYP .

In this innovative and creative  Toolbox, Tina Rae moves that debate on to the vital area of practice.  in this time of crisis in Child Mental Health .

The Therapeutic Toolbox will be welcomed by many teachers desperate for resources that truly address the current profile of child learning and emotional need. ”

Professor Barry Carpenter , CBE, OBE, PhD

Professor of Mental Health in Education

Oxford Brookes University , UK

With many thanks to Barry Carpenter, CBE OBE PhD, for sharing this review.