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Bonfire Night: Art and Craft Inspiration

Explore and enjoy these firework themed art actitivites created by @create_make_and_play.

Posted on Friday 05th November 2021

This year, we have partnered with @create_make_and_play to bring you a range of Bonfire Night and Firework art inspiration for you to try out and enjoy over the bonfire weekend!

Share and tag us in your own firework creations!

Craft Roll Fireworks Paintings

  1. Cut slits about 3cm long all the way around one end of a craft roll.
  2. Put blobs of different coloured paint onto a plate.
  3. Dip the craft roll and then print on black paper to create these colourful fireworks.⁣

Pipe Cleaner Fireworks

  1. You will need about 4 pipe cleaners.
  2. Place them altogether, fold them in half, and then twist the end that’s folded to create a little handle.
  3. Spread out the ends and dab them into paint.
  4. Print onto black card to create your fireworks painting.

Fireworks Threading

  1. You will need a cardboard box or piece of cardboard.
  2. An adult will then need to poke holes in the top of the box (try and create a shape similar to a firework).
  3. Encourage children to thread each end of a pipe cleaner into a hole and then overlap the pipe cleaners until you have created your fireworks.
  4. You can cut the pipe cleaners to create smaller fireworks too!⁣

Hanging Fireworks

  1. You will need about 4 pipe cleaners.
  2. Use two to create a cross by placing one on top of the other and then twisting to fold them over
  3. Add another 2 pipe cleaners following the same method.
  4. Keep adding pipe clearners until you have created your firework.
  5. Next, you need to tie a piece of string around the middle so you can hang them on the wall or from a window!

Straw Painting Fireworks

  1. Collect about 8 straws with the extendable ends and tie them together with a hairband or elastic band.
  2. Stretch out the bendy ends and dab them into paint.
  3. Print on black paper to create your fireworks.⁣⁣

Hidden Fireworks

  1. Using the straw paintings from above, place them under a clear oven dish.
  2. Add some black glitter sand to the oven dish.
  3. Using a paintbrush, brush the sand away to find the different colours and count how many fireworks you can find. ⁣⁣

Blowing Paint Fireworks

  1. Simply squirt some different colours of paint onto black paper and use a straw to blow the paint in different directions.
  2. Alternatively, water down the paint a little in a bowl and then add a small amount of watered down paint onto a spoon, place the spoon onto the card and blow with a straw.

⁣Salad Spinner Fireworks

  1. For this activity, we will use a salad spinner.
  2. Use a child’s plate to draw a circle on black card. Cut this out and put it in the bottom of the salad spinner, making sure it fits.
  3. Choose the coloured paints you want to use and add a little squirt of a few colours.
  4. Use the handle to spin your painting around in the salad spinner to create your fireworks.⁣

Splatter Painting

  1. Add some paint onto a paint brush and then using your finger flick the paint onto black card.
  2. Make sure you aim the paintbrush down to make sure the paint goes onto the card.⁣

Marble painting

  1. Add paper to a tray with sides.
  2. Squirt some paint directly onto the paper.
  3. Add a few marbles or small balls then move the tray around to move the marbles in the paint.

Salt Painting

  1. Spread PVA glue onto a sheet of black card in the shape of a firework.
  2. Sprinkle salt over the top of the glue.
  3. Once dry, mix some paint with a little bit of water in a bowl, and use a paintbrush to lightly paint the fireworks shape. ⁣

⁣With all of these activities, there are so many benefits to learning and exploring through art, including:

  • Cognitive development when comparing, predicting, planning and problem-solving.⁣⁣⁣⁣
  • Fine and gross motor development when painting.⁣⁣⁣⁣
  • Language development when talking about art work.⁣⁣⁣⁣
  • Social and emotional development (sharing, relaxing, concentrating, self-esteem)⁣⁣⁣⁣.