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Muro by TTS setting inspiration

We visited the lovely Corfe Mullen Tops Day Nursery and were pleased to find the Muro Collection there! Immy Gunputh, Nursery Manager, and Charlotte Richardson, Deputy, explain how the 'Muro by TTS' collection is used in their setting.

Posted on Friday 04th October 2019

Introducing Muro by TTS in the Construction area

Immy and her team decided to attach the 3 ‘Muro by TTS’ boards in their pre-school construction area. The boards are accessible with clear space in front of them. The pre-school team leave the space open for the children to use in their own ways. Sometimes they set up learning provocations to ignite children’s curiosities.

Muro by TTS Boards at Tops Corfe Mullen

Extending learning in the construction area

Additional construction resources are available for children to self-access. The floor space allows children to spread out and use construction resources alongside the Muro collection. This is a great way of extending children’s play from one dimension to the other. They can expand their play ideas from the Muro boards and into construction on the floor, and vice versa.

Construction resources alongside the Muro by TTS collection

Effective use of space

Immy and Charlotte discussed their construction area being quite small. However, this is in fact a benefit as it helps children to manage the space they have. The practitioners arrange the area very efficiently by using a corner layout. They are smart about their use of storage by placing resources along the walls and under the table in baskets. They also ensure sufficient space is available for children to use the resource in the middle.

The Muro collection is space saving, particularly in terms of the valuable floor space in Early Years settings! The boards and additional resources also allow children to play alongside each other and collaborate. The Muro boards are a valuable resource for a small construction area. Immy and her team were able to deeply enrich their small construction space with the Muro Boards and resources.


Having the time and space to concentrate

Using space effectively









The children’s experiences

The pre-school children have enjoyed making decisions about where to place the additional resources. Immy and Charlotte explain that this has helped them to problem solve, make decisions and test their ideas. The resources not being fixed opens up so many learning opportunities. This is seen particularly in terms of the children’s own decision making through critical thinking.

The children’s favourite resource is definitely the Ball Collection! They love to position the Channel Systems as they experiment with different levels and angles.

With thanks to Immy Gunputh and Charlotte Richardson for sharing their setting’s brilliant ideas and experiences of the Muro by TTS Collection.

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