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Christmas Activities - Mix and Match Snow People

Let it snow, let it snow, let it, oh, rain.  We don’t get too many opportunities to make things with real snow, and we should grab them when we do.  But if the weather doesn’t oblige, children will love this mix and match craft. It’s the perfect excuse for an outdoor scavenger hunt!

Posted on Thursday 03rd October 2019

Take a walk and collect lots of small rocks and stones. Children might also collect other natural materials, such as leaves, bits of wood, flowers or anything that catches their eye to use as extra decorations – a great opportunity to talk about everyday materials and their properties.

Finished mix and match snow people.

The finished article, all matched up!



Rocks of different sizes

Paint markers 

Step 1

Sort the stones and rocks by suitability and size. They may need washing and drying.

What sort of shapes will work best? Decide which rocks will be heads, lower body and upper body. Use different sizes for each part to enable a varied mix and match.

Step 2

Paint the rocks white as a base for the snowmen and allow to dry.

Stones, paint and paint markers for making mix and match snow people.

Using paint markers, you can create all sorts of snow person parts!


Step 3

Time to decorate! Let your imagination flow, make sure each part is different and has a different feature to mix and match the heads and bodies. Try adding the natural materials found or provide different bits and bobs, such as scraps of materials, wool and pipe cleaners. Make hats, scarves and perhaps even arms with gloves!

Decorating parts of snow people.

Let your imagination free when it comes to decorating your snow people parts.

Step 4

Time to create a variety of different snow people, using all the different parts made by your class.  Christmas activities for everyone that can provide fun and games even after the crafts are complete.

This ‘How To’ was created by our Marketing Executive Mayra Espinoza and written by Beverley Smalley.  Beverley is a mum, an education specialist, writer and former primary school teacher.