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Christmas Activities - Clay Christmas Stars

Glittery Christmas stars make great, simple decorations and can be taken home and enjoyed for years to come!

Posted on Wednesday 02nd October 2019

Stars are iconic Christmas symbols.  They evoke wonder, are beautiful and when made out of clay, easy for even little hands to get involved with Christmas activities.

Other Christmas activity ideas are talking about why stars are such popular decorations at Christmas in particular and the bright star in the Christmas story. Why not listen to and write poems about stars to go with the decorations?

Children might write a poem out and give it to someone as a gift. For example:  “This is my Christmas Star, it’s shiny and it’s bright.  I have made a special wish for ______ tonight.”  Children could insert a name and think of a particular wish for them!

Girl decorating her clay star

The stars could be given as gifts, with an accompanying poem and Christmas wish.




Star shape cutters

Skewer stick

Gem stones 

Glitter sparkles 

Materials for making clay stars

Simple materials to make effective decorated stars.

Step 1

Roll out the clay to about 5 cm thick, press the cookie cutters into it and gently push out the shapes. Smooth the edges with your fingers using a drop of water.

Step 2

Use a skewer stick to make a hole near the top.

Girl makes patters on clay star

Using a skewer to make a hole and create patterns.

Step 3

While the clay is still fresh decorate the stars with the gems, pressing them into the clay. Sprinkle the glitter and gently press down to fix it onto the clay.

Leave to air dry overnight.

Step 4

Thread a piece of string or a colourful piece of ribbon through the hole at the top and display your decorations.

Decorated stars drying out.

Leave the stars to dry overnight once you have decorated them.


We hope you enjoy getting creative with our Christmas activities.  Please share your creations with us so we can see what wonderful things you make in the run up to Christmas.  Also make sure you enter our craft competitions on Facebook and Twitter.

This ‘How To’ was created by our Marketing Executive Mayra Espinoza and written by Beverley Smalley.  Beverley is a mum, an education specialist, writer and former primary school teacher.