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How to make paper Diyas for Diwali

Posted on Friday 27th September 2019

Get ready for Diwali and brighten up your displays with these simple paper diyas!

Paper Diyas with TTS glitter paper

So simple to make but so colourful and effective.

Make them with card or paper in any size you want, children could even colour or paint blank paper before they start the fold their diyas.


See the light.

Diwali celebrates the triumph of light over dark and good over evil and is the biggest and most important Hindu festival of the year.  Many millions of diyas will be lit over the 5 days of celebration; they are usually made from clay, but these paper versions make an effective alternative!



Coloured paper or card 

Glitter paper 



Step 1

Fold your A4* sheet on the narrower side to an accordion shape of approximately 1.7 cm. Fold the accordion in half and glue together to make the base of the diya.

*1 A4 sheet can make one large lantern or two small ones. To make two small ones, simply cut the accordion in half.

Step 2

To make the wick, measure and cut a square (10 x 10cm for a small wick, 15×15 cm for a large wick), fold in half and cut to make 2 triangles. Fold the triangle in an accordion shape of approximately half a cm on the longest side. Once you reach the end, fold in half and glue to make the wick.

Step 3

Stick the wick on top of your base to finish your paper lantern.

Selection of paper diyas

Beautiful paper diyas, all ready for Diwali celebrations.

This ‘How To’ was created by our Marketing Executive Mayra Espinoza and written by Beverley Smalley.  Beverley is a mum, an education specialist, writer and former primary school teacher.