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Vegetable sowing and growing guide

Caring for a school garden has shown to improve a child’s social skills and behaviour. The process of planting and tending a crop will help children develop skills, such as respect and patience. Gardening also encourages teamwork skills as they take part in group work activities and encourages children to take responsibility, by caring for their own crops.

Posted on Tuesday 05th March 2019

It is important to plan your crops around your school’s term dates, then you can ensure that children are in school to harvest the crops during term time.

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Vegetable sowing and growing guide

Indoor, flat, transparent plant pots which enable children to see the roots of their plants as they grow and develop. Each plant pot features a suction cup, enabling it to be easily attached to the window. There is a space available in which to write a child’s name so that plant pots can be easily identified. Why not try placing planted up pots in different locations within the classroom, for example by a window or in a dark cupboard and then compare the different growth rates. Or try planting seeds in different types of soil or materials in order to find the most suitable.

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Top Tip:

Why not start a production for selling your vegetables and plants at the school summer fair? Ideal for school funds!

Here, we have a guide on vegetable sowing and growing for your school:

Vegetable sowing and growing guide

Short-term crops

If planted at the correct time, these can normally be harvested during one school term.

They include: beetroot, carrots, cucumber, french beans, lettuce, marrows and pumpkins, peas, radish, spinach and turnips.

Medium-term crops

If planted at the correct time, these can normally be sown in one term and then harvested during the next.

They include: broad beans, cabbage, onions, peas, sweetcorn and tomatoes.

Long-term crops

These can be sown in one term and then harvested in the next term or the following.

They include: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, leeks, parsnips and potatoes.

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Vegetable sowing and growing guide