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Handmade Christmas characters

Follow our simple step by step guide on how to use a variety of materials to create these wonderful Christmas characters. This Christmas 'How to’ is ideal for Non-specialist art teachers, as the activity focuses on techniques that can be easily adapted for various seasonal decorations to be used as fun take home gifts or classroom decorations.

Posted on Monday 03rd December 2018

Making Christmas Characters:

What you will need:

To make the Christmas King character:

  1. Paint the head of your Christmas character with acrylic paint of your choice.
  2. Apply Decopatch paper to make the ‘robes’ and add detail with glitter gel tubes.
  3. To make arms for your character, cut a rectangle of felt and place a length of pipe cleaner in the centre, fold over and glue in place.
  4. Add detail of a beard and hair using a cut out of a felt square or crepe paper.
  5. Make a crown from metallic Pipe Cleaners.

Decofoam Cone People - king step 1         Decofoam Cone People - king step 2         Decofoam Cone People - king step 3

To make the Christmas Angel Character:

  1. Paint the face and head with acrylic paint of your choice.
  2. Cover the body with either Decopatch paper or Gold glitter gel adding detail with gems.
  3. To make the Angel’s wings, cut shapes from felt, add detail with glitter gel and leave to dry. Once dry you can then attach the wings to the Decofoam character
    using PVA Glue.
  4. Finally, make a glittering halo from a length of Metallic pipe cleaner, wrap it around your finger to make a loop and glue in place on the body of your angel.

Decofoam Cone People - angel step 1         Decofoam Cone People - angel step 2         Decofoam Cone People - angel step 3

Why not try making a Santa, frosty snowman, Mary and Joseph or a jumping Jack Frost using the same resources.

Christmas Character

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