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How to make a giant spider - a Halloween craft for children

These easy to make spiders are ideal as an autumn or Halloween project. They make great decorations for Halloween discos and Halloween parties. This Halloween craft for children has 3 easy steps with minimal materials needed.

Posted on Thursday 18th October 2018


Halloween spider and bat - craft activities for children

You will need:

Step 1 – the body

How to make a giant spider - halloween craft for childrenStart by using the black acrylic to paint the polystyrene ball black. We used two coats for an even coverage.

Step 2

Choose 8 pipe cleaners and bend them into position to create 8 legs.

Step 3

Use the glue gun to stick the legs to the body. Creat the face by sticking wiggle eyes and using a marker pen to create fangs.

How to make a giant spider - halloween craft for children