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P p p pick up a Pumpkin! A visit to your local Pumpkin Patch!

Each year in October we visit our local farm where we pick our own pumpkins! The children love this activity and to be honest, so do the adults! Our local Pumpkin patch at Maxey's Farm and Shop put on an extremely popular event. So, grab your wellies and find your local Pumpkin Patch! An ideal free school trip!

Posted on Friday 31st August 2018


On arrival at Maxey’s Pumpkin Patch event you are greeted by a great variety of pumpkins of all colours and sizes – stacked outside the farm shop in a beautiful display – along with a giant inflatable pumpkin which the children love having their photos taken with. A short walk around to the Pumpkin field, with eye balls hanging from the trees, and spooky characters stuffed with hay along the way! On entering the field you are greeting by an impressive amount of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes – nobbly ones, large heavy ones, cute small ones – the choice is yours! Grab a wheelbarrow – don’t worry – they have adult sized ones and children sized ones! The children love to push their own wheelbarrow and adults can be seen pushing wheelbarrows with multiple pumpkins and children in them! The excitement on the children’s faces is great to see. But you MUST be careful when picking them up not to drop them as it is sad to see so many pumpkin casualties.

Further up the field a tractor drives families in carriages on a ride and a giant pumpkin bouncy castle can be seen bobbing about.

There’s a trail through the woods and homemade food on sale for when you get peckish. The farm shop is a must for the adults on the way out!

The Maxey’s Farm Shop Facebook page is a must to follow as they keep you updated with all the pumpkin growing activity and the details for the main event.

It does get very busy and you will need your wellies!

Pumpkin growing facts:

Pumpkin seeds are set by hand in April. They are then planted out into the fields in May. By October they reach full maturity and are ideal for carving at Halloween, making pumpkin soup along with all the other sensory messy fun activities that can be done with seeds and flesh. The seeds can also be roasted or dried and used for counting.

So, grab your wellies and find your local patch! It makes an ideal free school trip.

We recommend that you contact your local Pumpkin Patch before visiting for up to date information.

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