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Make your own Pirate 'pool noodle' boats

These cute pool noodle boats are so easy and cheap to make and are ideal for outdoor play over the summer months.

Posted on Tuesday 03rd July 2018

Little ones love playing outdoors with these simple little pirate boats – and they can either be pirate boats or a general sail boat. Why not create them in various coloured pool noodles and see how fast they can shoot down a drain pipe from a tuff spot and stand into a tuff spot on the floor or a bucket. Whose is the fastest? Children love exploring with water and creating a small harbour of boats. Add pebbles and pirate figures or fisher men and fish to really engage them in the theme.

You will need:

  • Pool Noodles – these can be bought from leisure centres with a swimming pool or on ebay/amazon.
  • Straws – paper ones are more environmentally friendly
  • Self adhesive foam sheets

Step 1

Slice the pool noodle into 1.5 inch slices.

Step 2

Add a hole through the centre for the straw

Step 3

Cut sail shapes out of foam sheets and stick these to the straw – we used self adhesive foam and stuck a ‘front’ to the ‘back’ with the straw in the middle.

Step 4

Attach a foam flag to the top of the bent straw.

Step 5

Children can decorate the sails with foam stickers of their choice.

Pirate noodle boats by Lottie Makes

Set up your tuff spots with water and let the children sail their pirate boats and race them down an open drain pipe.

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