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Magical Doorways - an opening to imaginations

Imagine you are five years old, you are playing outside and there, slightly obscured by grass and moss is a curious, tiny door. It is magical looking and nestled into a gnarled old tree trunk. A magical doorway...How excited would you be?

Posted on Monday 11th June 2018

Imaginations will soar with these TTS developed Magical doorways. Who lives behind this grand entrance? Where does it lead? Do you require a magical metal key, or perhaps special words will make the door suddenly fling open and reveal its mysteries?

As adults, we are providing the powerful provocations for learning. We are instigating the sparks that ignite ideas. Catalysts such as the magical doorways are a way of inspiring children to predict, describe, analyse, discuss and imagine. Childhood should be brimming full of magical, memorable experiences.

Ideas for using the Magical Doorways:

Why not place the doors inside your setting. They could be somewhere slightly hidden, perhaps on a skirting board, on a bookcase or tucked away in a home corner. You want the children to be the ones who discover the door. Perhaps you could leave a tiny key close by with a miniature message. Each day there could be something left outside the door which leads the children to discuss and debate. It could be a miniature hat, a teeny envelope, a leaf, a small shoe etc. Imagine finding a letter and having to look at it through a magnifying glass. You never get to see the creatures who enter this doorway so you have no idea what they look like; you are only left a few intriguing items. Stir children’s curiosity and provoke discussion.

Magical Doorways - an opening to imaginations

You may choose to give a door to the children and let them create a magical landscape. There could be bridges, flowers, moss, stepping stones and fences etc. Provide natural materials to create a wondrous mini garden. Enable children to be the architects of the design. You might want to question whether it is indeed a fairy door. It could be for a very curious mouse, a miniature unicorn, an alien, or whatever character they imagine!

The Doors are durable, can be left outside and are not damaged by the elements. You could pile up some snow and add a door to make a snow castle. The doors could be on a fence, a tree or a wall. One day you might even find the magic door has moved!

We want children to have rich, exciting learning experiences. We also want them engaged and immersed in their play. Little magical doorways that could lead to secret pathways and kingdoms might just be the inspiration a child needs to get talking.

We hear so much about language deficit and word gaps. For children to be rich in their language and have a diverse lexicon we need to give them interesting, first-hand experiences. We want them to wonder, to ponder and hypothesise. Why not do this with intriguing doorways that lead to faraway lands or hidden dwellings?

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With thanks to Catherine Clark for writing this post. Catherine has worked in Early Years Education for many years. She is the in-house educationalist at TTS, consulting and advising on how children learn. Catherine has developed numerous award-winning products at TTS and is passionate about children having enriched, exciting learning opportunities.

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