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Sensory Movement Breaks

As a qualified teacher and previous SENCO I believe in the importance of providing children with sensory breaks. I've witnessed first hand the positive difference a short, active break from the normal routine of the lesson can have on a class. Improving concentration, focus and engagement. I was therefore delighted to try out this valuable resource that provides details of fun, active, sensory movement breaks.

Posted on Tuesday 17th April 2018

Sensory movement breaks

What did I like about it?

Fun and Beneficial Activities- These activities are fantastic for improving children’s concentration and behaviour. We genuinely enjoyed trying out the various activities in the book. The ideas are varied and engaging. We’ve had fun pretending to hatch out of eggs and grow into trees, played multiway football and sorted objects.

Experience-based– Written by Paediatric Occupational Therapists Alison Harris and Alison Neal, Sensory Movement Breaks is clearly based on knowledge and experience of working with young children, including those with Special Educational Needs. Included with each activity in the book is a written explanation about its benefits and the science behind it.

Inexpensive Ideas– With squeezed budgets in schools, I particularly liked that the majority of activities suggested use equipment that can commonly be found in schools already, without having to make any additional purchases.

Little Preparation– Most of the sensory movement break activities can be performed without much preparation. The book can be used as a resource to dip into when needed, to refresh and re-engage children during lessons.

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