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How to create a glowing autumn leaf lamp

Create a beautiful glowing jar with this lovely autumn craft idea. Just follow these 4 simple steps.

Posted on Saturday 26th August 2017

Autumn Craft glow lamp

You’ll need:

Step 1 – Cut out leaf shapes

Roughly cut out enough leaves to cover your jar entirely, with the leaves overlapping. A good mix of autumn colours produces the best result.


Step 2 – Glue leaves onto the outside of the jar

Paint the PVA glue to the tissue paper leaves and gently place, one by one, on the outside of the jar.

Autumn Craft glow lamp

Step 3 – Add leaf detail

Cut out two lengths of cotton, a longer length for the middle of the leaves and shorter lengths to add from the tip to the base of the leaves. Brush the cotton with PVA glue and apply to the tissue leaves. 


Step 4 – Sea Grass 

Wrap a long length of sea grass around the top of the jar and cut to the required length. Cover the top of the jar with glue, wait one to two minutes, wrap the sea grass around the top of the jar and hold in place. Keep the sea grass in place until the glue has dried.


When the glue has dried, place the electric tealight inside the jar. Shut the curtains in the room, turn out the lights and view your creation in all of its glowing splendour!

With thanks to Rebecca Sparham-Simpson for this lovely idea.

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