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Staying cool at school in the summer heat - top ideas

Do you leave school at the end of the day in a hot, sweaty mess? Staying cool in a classroom in the summer months can be difficult, especially with temperatures soaring to 30 degrees or more. It can be so hard for anyone to concentrate in these circumstances and any sort of work can be a trial. Most of us can only dream of an air conditioned classroom so we have gathered together some top tips for keeping cool.

Posted on Wednesday 28th June 2017

keeping cool in the classroom - water

1. Have fans on in the classroom – put frozen water bottles or ice packs in front of it too! For safety, fans could be high up out of reach where possible.

2. Teach outside in the shade – catch the breeze if there is one!

3. No socks and shoes on in the classroom and encourage shorts and t shirts be worn.

4. Hand out ice pops or lollies at break times.

5. Make frozen yogurt pops – add fruit and yogurt to ice-cube trays with lolly sticks, then freeze. A great class activity!

keeping cool in the classroom_yogurt pops

6. Meditation – get children to lay on the floor, eyes closed, thinking of being in a cool swimming pool or being caught in cold rain.

7. Have a water fight! Use water balloons and sprinklers. The children may well go home wet or damp though!

8. Put cold water/frozen items/ice cubes in a Tuff tray.  Freeze dinosaurs and Lego figures in empty ice cream tubs – turn out the frozen block and let the children chip away to see what is hidden inside.

9. Spray cold water on paper towels or put ice cubes in them – one for each child.

10. Make a paper fan – have a paper fan workshop at break time where children can fold/concertina and decorate an A4 sheet.

keeping cool in the classroom - paper fan

11. Drink plenty of water. Keep children’s bottles in the fridge if possible.

12. Put cold water in a spray bottle to spray on over-heated faces. Keep in a fridge or just keep re-filling with cold water.

13. Run hands under the cold water tap.

14. Make iced fruit cubes. Children will enjoy making these and they are ultra healthy!

keeping cool in the classroom_iced fruit

15. If you are extra lucky…turn the air conditioning on!

If you have any other ‘cool’ ideas please share them below…

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