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Is it lunch time yet? Get Scientific with Sally Northen's lesson openers

Sally Northen has put together a week’s worth of fun science lesson openers all about food. She has used her fabulous Flip-It cards, but they are not essential. The cards can be used as a directed class exercise, in small groups or individually. They encourage stimulating conversation and early discovery of scientific phenomenon!

Posted on Friday 31st March 2017

Monday – Do Chips grow on trees?

Who knows where chips come from?  McDonalds is just down the road!

How many children these days have actually dug up a potato, peeled it and cut it in to chips?

Talk about this and get the children to use the ‘Where Does It Come From?’ Flip-It cards.

Additionally, there are many ideas and free activity sheets all about potatoes from the Tesco Eat Happy Project website.

Tuesday – Continue the ‘Where does it come from?’ food theme by talking about milk.

If you have the Flip-It cards, you might use the Free downloadable worksheet – Where Does It Come From? All the cards have a number which relates to this.

Where does it come from worksheet copy

Once again, the Eat Happy Project also has free downloadable resources such as: Do you know where milk comes from?

Wednesday – Is a lemon sour or sweet?

Hand around a lemon and get children to describe it. What does it look, feel and smell like? Cut one up and taste it. Photograph their reactions!

Look at images such as crisps, cake and grapefruit and identify whether they are sweet, sour or salty.

Thursday – Compare everyday materials

Gather together a selection of random food-related objects (such as a potato, a banana, a tin of beans etc.) and get children to come up with one word to describe their main properties.

Help children to expand their scientific vocabulary using the ‘Top Science’ Flip-It cards alongside this great free top science worksheet

Friday – Where does food go between your mouth and your stomach?

What do children think? What happens to our food once we have chewed and swallowed it?

‘Parts of the Body’ Flip-It cards are one way of finding out. They provide simple explanations and a great worksheet to keep all your answers in one place.

Parts of the body flip it cards

Shop our Flip-It Science Range here

With thanks to Sally Northen for writing this post.

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