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Let's get creative with chalk

Toddlers love making marks anywhere and everywhere and chalk supports this very well as they can be used on a variety of surfaces, both in and outdoors. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to use and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Chalk can be washed away very easily with water. Here are a few ideas about how children might enjoy using this simple resource.

Posted on Thursday 09th February 2017

Chalk - egg shaped

Children’s natural creativity needs to be fostered and celebrated in all forms. Providing a diverse range of materials and tools gives children the choice that encourages them to participate and express themselves.

Emma Graham of Busy Bees and Busy Bears County Durham

  • Try rubbing the chalk on the sole of a child’s shoe or boot, then let them jump on or walk along pieces of black or dark coloured paper. They might also experiment with rubbing chalk on the tyres of different types of vehicles and running that along the paper to look at the tracks that are made.
  • Use chalk outside to make marks on paths and walls. Children can make large movements which help to develop their gross motor skills. They can begin to be purposefully creative, using their imaginations. ‘Beginning to use representation to communicate, e.g. drawing a line and saying ‘That’s me.’ (Expressive Arts and Design: Being Imaginative.)
  • Chalk can be used with chalk boards in role play. Children may have seen chalk boards used in cafes or restaurants, with ‘Today’s Menu’ or ‘Specials’ written on them. If the role play area is turned into a cafe, put a chalk board out with it, so the children can ‘write’ on it.
  • Chalks can be used by children following a rotational schema – they can go round and round with the chalks making circular patterns.
  • Chalks can be used on a variety of different surfaces – rough brick, smooth concrete, textured bark, concrete paving stone, and different types of paper.  Children will enjoy experimenting with the different patterns produced.
  • Children might enjoy making a chalk trail in the playground for their friends to follow or to practise walking along for balance and coordination skills.
  • Using the side of a piece of chalk, cover a blackboard with a thin layer. Provide water pots and paintbrushes of different sizes and allow children to paint over the chalk with water. This can seem quite magical and encourages children to use both fine and gross motor skills
  • Make ice chalk. Use 1 part cornflour mixed with 1 part water dyed with paint. Pour into moulds (ice lolly moulds are ideal) and freeze for a few hours. Use outside on a warm day and see what mark-making can be achieved before it all melts. A fantastic sensory experience!

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These ideas have been collated by Jane Bentley, an experienced Early Years consultant and Catherine Clark, our in-house educationalist.

Jane has over 20 years teaching experience and worked in a large primary school for 10 years. While acting as Deputy Head she taught primarily Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage. Jane moved on from this to set up and manage a private day nursery and gained her Early Years Professional Status. She now works as a freelance writer and is also studying for an MA.

Catherine Clark is the in-house educationalist at TTS, advising on how children learn and how to achieve high level engagement. Catherine also provides training on Early Years education, both in the UK and abroad. She regularly writes for various magazines and blogs and has developed numerous educational resources, many of them award winning. Catherine has over 20 years teaching experience in Primary as well as Early Years education.

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