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Winter small world in a jar or bauble

These wintry small worlds in a jar by Lottie Makes are so cute and easy to make. Follow the simple instructions below. They make great festive crafts for taking home as parent/guardian gifts and the baubles are lovely as tree decorations.

Posted on Thursday 24th November 2016

Christmas jar and bauble craft by Lottie Makes

You will need:

For the jam jar:

Step 1. Ensure your jar is clean and dry.

Step 2. Line the base of the jar with white felt.

Step 3. Pour in a little snow and iridescent shred.

Step 4. Add your scene pieces – here we have used a Schleich polar bear with miniature trees in one, and snow men with miniature trees in the other. Any decorations that don’t stand up well by themselves will need gluing in place – preferably with a low melt glue gun.

Step 5. Decorate with snowflake sequins and glitter.

Step 6. For a nice extra touch, add a circle of white felt or hessian fabric to the lid of the jar. Cut the circle 2cm wider than the jar lid so that it over hangs slightly, then tie with ribbon.

For the baubles:

Step 1. The baubles come in two pieces. Glue your miniature items to the base of the bauble (a low melt glue gun works best). We found that gluing one item (such as a tree) to one side of the bauble and a second item (such as a polar bear or reindeer) to the base of the other side of the bauble works best.

Step 2. Add a small amount of snow, glitter and iridescent shred to the bottom of each side. We glued moss and a tiny ‘fimo’ mushroom in the reindeer version .

Step 3. Fasten the two sides together carefully so that none of the snow and glitter escapes!

Step 4. Add ribbon to hang.

You can fill the clear baubles with anything you like – photos of children are a nice idea! Below we added a small piece of Christmas tinsel and glitter and decorated the outside with glass paints.

christmas bauble crafts

Why not try creating your small world winter scene in one of our snow globes (shown below) or even a small fish bowl?

There is something truly magical about these large, detailed jars. You could use them to mix all sorts of concoctions and potions. Use the containers for natural materials. Use as a provocation for storing interesting items. Ideal in messy play activities or for maths counters.

Why not make them into a small world scene such as a polar landscape to really inspire awe and wonder.

Polar Bear


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