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Exploring natural materials

Natural materials provide a rich variety of textures and properties to compare and contrast. By providing the opportunity to explore these materials you are enabling children to make vital mathematical connections.

Posted on Thursday 06th October 2016

Natural resources

Developing maths skills with natural materials.

Provide children with a rich array of natural materials to experiment with. Stones, gravel and sticks are great for extending children’s understanding of amounts, measure and weight.

Natural resources

Get wellies and waterproofs on and go on an adventure to find natural treasures. Provide containers for them to collect their resources. Collect conkers, pine cones, acorns, sticks and leaves, feathers, pebbles and flowers.

By immersing children in this exciting environment they can make connections and engage in first hand experiences that enrich their mathematical understanding.

Catherine Clark, Early Years Education Specialist and former Head Teacher.

As they empty and fill they develop a sense of quantity, adding and taking away. Enable children to sort and sequence using natural materials, ask children to sort and order in size, shape and texture.

Natural resources

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