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Fraction Action

The idea for Fraction Action was born when experienced Maths Advisor, Hazel Large, saw the first draft of the new 2014 National Curriculum for Mathematics. Working with fractions, especially addition and subtraction of fractions, was appearing much earlier in the curriculum, and many teachers had expressed concern over how they would teach this.

Posted on Tuesday 12th July 2016

Fraction Action allows students to see fractions other than unit fractions, enabling them to compare and order fractions, explore equivalence and perform mathematical operations on fractions using a practical, hands-on approach. Play the video above to see Fraction Action in action!

The resource helps children to see the relationships between different fractions. For example they can visually see 2/8 is the same as 1/4, and that added together they make 1/2, hence developing their skills with addition and subtraction of fractions – a key concept in the curriculum.

Fraction Action_MA02677_large

The pieces are handy sized with a magnetic back, so perfect for children to use individually or in small groups in the classroom. They’re extremely tactile, made from a durable foam, and the strong magnetic backing means the pieces won’t move about once sorted into place (children with motor-coordination difficulties especially appreciate this!).

Fraction Action_MA02677_3_large

Every written option for all whole number fractions up to 12/12 is included, making this a truly unique resource in a very crowded marketplace of fraction teaching tools.

Fractions contained are:

  • Whole
  • Halves
  • Thirds
  • Quarters
  • Fifths
  • Sixths
  • Eights
  • Ninths
  • Tenths
  • Twelfths


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