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Speaking and listening with superheroes

Since the first superheroes emerged in the 1930's they have continued to be a popular topic amongst children, particularly boys. As we all know, when you are more interested in a subject you are more likely to retain the information that is being shown. Using this interest to encourage speaking and listening is an effective way to build confidence.

Posted on Thursday 22nd January 2015

One great way of doing this is… you guessed it, reading stories. One we love is ‘Charlie’s Superhero Underpants’ by Paul Bright, a wonderful story about Charlie’s quest around the world to find his missing superhero underpants.

Charlies Super Hero Underpants by Paul Bright

A Superhero Theme is sure to be a hit with children and there are plenty of ideas for activities:

  • Create your own superhero character!
  • Children can play out the story themselves using dress up for role play, a great activity for outdoor play to encourage physical development. You could even make your own costumes and accessories
  • Use the Superhero Quartet to help children gain confidence when narrating the story, as puppets are particularly great for reluctant speakers
  • Draw your character and describe their super powers, you can record this on a Talking Clipboard, a superb creative activity that encourages writing, speaking and listening
  • Engage children in small world play with the Superhero Figures, Superhero Tuff Spot Mat and Superhero wooden figures which are also great for counting and matching activities
  • Investigate how far and how fast each superhero can fly and make flight paths to measure distance
  • For Understanding The World discuss how each Superhero has their own unique characteristics
  • Talk about all of the different parts of the world Charlie visits to find his underpants, which lends itself to further activities and themes

Superhero tuff spot mat

Wooden Superheros

There are lots of other wonderful superhero stories that can also be linked in such as Super Hero ABC by Bob Mcleod, Eliot, Midnight Superhero by Anne Cottringer and Super Daisy by Kes Gray.

Superhero Figures         The Superhero Quartet

We would love to hear your own ideas! Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @TTS_EarlyYears.

 Super hero dress up set

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