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Maths Curriculum – your guide to the changes

September 2015 sees the start of teaching the new curriculum to your children in Years 2 and 6. This handy, printable guide will show you – at a glance – what’s new.

Posted on Thursday 02nd October 2014

There are some big differences between this curriculum and the last one:

  • A large amount of emphasis is placed on the three mathematical aims of fluency, reasoning and problem solving and many themes such as fractions are introduced earlier or later than in the old curriculum.
  • The removal of calculator use has emphasised the need for skills in both written calculation and mental maths.

Use our handy poster to show you what’s new and where there’s been a change of emphasis for each section of the 2014 Maths Curriculum.

New Maths Curriculum 2014 Free Download PDF

Download the guide to what’s new in the 2014 Maths Curriculum.