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English Curriculum - your guide to the changes

A handy printable guide to what's new in the 2014 English Curriculum.

Posted on Thursday 02nd October 2014

There are some big differences between this curriculum and the last one:

  • Statutory spelling lists are provided along with a set of appendices which specify the required grammar and punctuation along with the terminology both teachers and children are expected to use.
  • Spoken Language replaces Speaking and Listening and is expected to be implicitly taught throughout every key stage.
  • Years 3 and 4 are covered in a single scheme of work, as are years 5 and 6.

Use our handy poster to show you what’s new and where there’s been a change of emphasis for each section of the 2014 English Curriculum.

New English Curriculum

Download the guide to what’s new in the 2014 English Curriculum.