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Investigating Light

Children learn at an early age that darkness is the absence of light.

Posted on Wednesday 30th October 2013

We have a couple of activities that we would like to share with you that will help encourage your class or setting to experiment in light, dark and shadow investigations. In this KS1 experiment, ask the children to get into pairs or groups so that they can record their findings.


With the room lights turned on and with the curtains or blinds open, ask a volunteer to turn on a torch at the other side of the room ~ encourage the children to discuss how easy it is to see the torch in natural light.


Now safely, light a nightlight and place it on a visible area ~ ask the class how easy is it to see?

Close the curtains and turn the room lights off. ~ how easy it is to see the torch and the nightlight in the dark?

Light Kit

Ask the children to discuss why they think there is a difference between when the lights are on and when they are off.

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