• Environments to Support Babies & Toddlers

    We continuously work closely with practitioners to provide you with top tips and guidance on supporting babies and toddlers. We all know about the vital importance of quality experiences during their formative early years. Read more

  • Winter-themed messy play (brrrrrr!)

    As it gets colder and Christmas is getting nearer, children will be fascinated by everything linked to the changing of seasons. A fantastic way of creating awe and wonder is to add sensory materials into your messy play activities. Using snow, soap flakes, shaving foam etc. is great for recreating a winter wonderland. Read more

  • The New National Curriculum for Computing

    So what is the New National Curriculum? In 2012, the Secretary of State for Education confirmed that the National Curriculum for ICT would be disapplied from September that year but the subject of ICT would remain mandatory in schools. After a number of redrafts the National Curriculum for Computing was officially released in July 2013 with 'computing' replacing the subject name of ICT in schools from September this year. Read more

  • Raising Funds for Kariandusi School Trust

    Sunday 6th April 2014 marked the second annual TTS Dream Team race day, where 28 colleagues, friends and family participated in the Derby 10k race to raise money for Kariandusi School Trust. Read more

  • Building a dinosaur den

    Frank and Ollie are mad on dinosaurs. So much so that Ollie has insisted on wearing his dinosaur feet today and both boys brought in their favourite dinosaur toys. They then made a dinosaur den! Follow their progress below. Read more

  • The benefits of Number Frames

    Develop mathematical fluency and reasoning with our Silicon Number Frames. The visual aspect helps children to grasp a deeper understanding of number and they are perfect to support the development of mathematical skills and problem solving. Read more

  • Literacy across the Curriculum: Making it real

    ‘Literacy across the Curriculum’ has become a well-worn phrase. The strategies might be slightly different in each school but there is agreement about the intended outcome - a desire for children to transfer and apply the generic skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening to any/all areas of the curriculum. Read more

  • The New National Curriculum for Computing - Programming

    Bee-Bots are a fantastic way for younger children to be introduced to programming. However, it’s perhaps best to first consider what experiences children could have before they start with floor robots. Our second post in this series from Andrew Bush on the New Curriculum for Computing. Read more

  • Schematic play part 1 - rotation and trajectory

    In my work in schools and nurseries I get to observe a lot of different children at play. It's fascinating to stand back and watch what they are doing, springing, twirling rolling and running about. At first so much of it seems completely random, but if we spend enough time paying close attention to what they are doing, we can see there are clear patterns in their types of play, movements and actions. Read more

  • The benefits of School Gardens

    A garden offers a natural framework for understanding about sustainability and the natural world and will help to improve a child’s environmental attitude. As children plant their own fruit, vegetables and flowers, they will learn to appreciate the wonder and power of nature, which will instil an appreciation and respect that will last into adulthood. Read more

  • KS2 make your own motorised vehicle

    Follow this 10-step guide on how to make your own pulley-driven vehicle. This is suitable for KS2 pupils exploring electric circuits, pulleys, wheels, axles and bearings. It is also suitable for KS3 students investigating series circuits, friction, average speed and energy transfers; simple machines giving bigger force at the expense of smaller movement, and vice versa. Read more

  • Computing - Sequence, Selection and Repetition - The New National Curriculum

    Our Third post in this series from Andrew Bush on the New Curriculum for Computing in schools. Read more

  • Tablet Computers in the Classroom – Things to Consider…

    There is no doubt that Tablet Computers have had a massive impact on how ICT is accessed and used in the wider world. The biggest changes have been in the personal ownership of mobile devices and that has spun into the worlds of business and education. Read more

  • The history of Bonfire Night

    Bonfire Night is one of our most loved celebrations. But why do we celebrate it? Read more

  • Reading for Pleasure - The New National Curriculum

    Reading for pleasure is emphasised explicitly in the new National Curriculum: ‘reading feeds the imagination and opens up a treasure house of wonder and joy for curious young minds’. Read more

  • Diwali celebration ideas

    Diwali is celebrated all around the world by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains. It is known as the 'festival of lights' and is one of the most significant and colourful events in the religious calendar. The light is a symbol of hope and of good triumphing over evil. Read on to find more information about this yearly celebration as well as some wonderful, creative ideas to try with your children. Read more