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Balance Fitness Ball

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A versatile gym ball that doubles as a therapy tool, enhancing core stability and motor skills.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Core Muscle Strengthening

Designed to effectively engage and strengthen core muscles, this resource enhances stability and posture. It supports children in active sitting and balance exercises, promoting physical development.

Balancing Skill Development

This fitness tool is excellent for developing balancing skills, offering children the opportunity to enhance their motor coordination through fun and engaging exercise routines.

Healthy Posture Encouragement

Regular use of this fitness ball encourages children to adopt and maintain a healthy posture, essential for their physical development and comfort during various activities.

Versatile Exercise Tool

Serves as a multifunctional gym and therapy ball, ideal for various physical and stability exercises.

Adaptive Seating Option

Offers an adaptive seat that requires user involvement, ideal for those aware of their movement needs.

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Balance Fitness Ball

A versatile gym ball that doubles as a therapy tool, enhancing core stability and motor skills.


  • This Balance Fitness Ball not only serves as a sturdy seat but also an exercise tool, ideal in enhancing core stability, balancing, and motor skills.

  • Designed to encourage active sitting, the ball engages different muscle groups which helps in strengthening the core. By consistently using the ball for various physical exercises, children can improve their balancing skills and coordination.

  • The flexible use of this ball extends to therapy sessions, where it can be utilised to assist in various treatments and exercises. It's particularly effective in physical therapy routines that aim to refine motor skills and enhance postural alignment, making it an ideal tool in both fitness and therapeutic settings. Note: Colour may vary.

Technical Summary


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