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Accelerated Reader Non Fiction Books

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High-quality non-fiction titles supporting the Accelerated Reader programme.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Engaging Content

Featuring a wide array of topics, experts carefully choose these books to captivate children's curiosity and encourage exploration, making reading an enjoyable experience.

Supports Literacy Development

To improve literacy among children aged five to eleven years, these books, tailored to enhance their reading skills, are an invaluable tool for teachers.

ATOS Level Reading

With ATOS levels ranging from 0.5 to 8.8, these books are designed to meet the reading needs of children at different stages of their literacy journey.

Durable Classroom Resource

Constructed from high-quality materials, each pack contains 15 books, ensuring they withstand frequent use in busy classroom environments.

Reading Intervention Support

An essential resource for reading intervention programs, these books aid in addressing reading challenges and improving literacy outcomes.

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Accelerated Reader Non Fiction Books

High-quality non-fiction titles supporting the Accelerated Reader programme.


  • The Accelerated Reader Non Fiction Books collection caters to children aged 5-11, enhancing literacy through engaging non-fiction content. It spans Lower Years (ages 5-8, ATOS level: 0.5-5.1) and Middle Years (ages 9-13, ATOS level: 4.2-8.8), offering a range of subjects to ignite a passion for reading.

  • Designed for use in classrooms, these books support reading programs and interventions, aligning with UK curriculum literacy goals. They encourage independent reading and address diverse learning needs in an engaging way. Available in packs of 15, these resources are durable and ideally suited for frequent classroom use.

  • This collection supports reading improvement programs and literacy development effectively, making it a crucial tool for educators in nurturing students' literacy skills and fostering a lasting interest in non-fiction.

Technical Summary