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Yuk-E Sensory Fidget Ball 6pk

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Designed for hand strengthening and tactile exploration, aiding sensory and motor skill development.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Enhanced Motor Skills Development

This resource encourages squeezing to aid in improving fine motor skills and strengthening hands, making it suitable for sensory integration therapy.

Durable and Safe Construction

Constructed from the thickest, seamless skin for enhanced durability, this fidget ball is filled with balls and safe, non-toxic gel.

Effective Sensory Integration Aid

The small balls inside the fidget ball move right under the fingers, providing a unique sensory experience beneficial for children.

Ideal for Classroom and Therapy Use

Offers a practical alternative to beanbags for focused activities in classrooms or therapeutic settings.

Portable Sensory Support

This resource is portable and ensures sensory support anywhere, featuring a manageable 9cm diameter and a weight of 300g for ease of transport and use across settings.

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Yuk-E Sensory Fidget Ball 6pk

Designed for hand strengthening and tactile exploration, aiding sensory and motor skill development.


  • The Yuk-E Sensory Fidget Ball is a tool for sensory integration therapy and motor skills enhancement. Made with a thick, seamless skin, and filled with non-toxic gel, it assures safety and durability during use.

  • Functioning as an alternative to conventional beanbags, this fidget ball stops where it drops, maintaining its position to fulfil its purpose in therapy and classroom settings. Its construction supports high-focus activities, making it a reliable aid for cognitive engagement and fine motor development.

  • Portability adds to its versatility. The fidget ball is easy to handle and transport, enabling seamless integration into daily routines across various educational or therapeutic environments. This feature ensures continuous sensory support and accessibility for children requiring tactile feedback.

Technical Summary


    Technical specifications

  • Latex free,,Washable surface,

  • Pack size

  • 6

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 5 to 16 years