Value Shallow Tray Unit

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A versatile tray storage unit offering shallow trays in blue or red for classroom efficiency.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Flexible Storage Options

Choose from a variety of shallow trays in either blue or red to tailor this storage unit to your classroom's specific needs. The flexibility allows for a personalised organisation system.

Easy Mobility

Equipped with castors, this tray storage unit can be easily moved around the classroom or across different rooms, facilitating dynamic learning environments and easy reorganisation.

Enhanced Classroom Organisation

Designed to help maintain an organised classroom, this unit provides accessible storage for resources, which aids in efficient classroom management and supports a tidy learning space.

Durable Construction

Constructed to endure daily activities in busy classroom environments, ensuring consistent reliability in organising and storing educational resources.

Curriculum Support

Facilitates educational activities by providing a structured environment, allowing children to access and store resources efficiently, which helps to maintain an organised classroom.

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Value Shallow Tray Unit

A versatile tray storage unit offering shallow trays in blue or red for classroom efficiency.


  • This tray storage unit, made available in options of blue or red trays, effectively enhances classroom organisation. Shallow trays support easy access to educational resources, maintaining an organised learning environment.

  • Thanks to its built-in castors, this storage unit offers the flexibility to be moved seamlessly across rooms, adapting to various classroom activities and layouts. These features make it an ideal choice for schools looking to provide dynamic educational spaces that can be rearranged efficiently.

  • The durable construction of this tray storage unit ensures it can withstand the frequent use and demands of a busy educational environment. Investing in such robust classroom furniture aids in sustaining an orderly and inspiring educational setting that nurtures learning.

Technical Summary