Ten Frames Write & Wipe Flash Cards


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Write and wipe ten frames for engaging number work.
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Ten Frames Write & Wipe Flash Cards

Write and wipe ten frames for engaging number work.

  • Using with counters offers a visual way to explore numbers and enhance mathematical understanding.

  • Enhancing children's numerical comprehension, the write and wipe flash cards serve as a pivotal tool for teachers. Utilising counters with these cards enables practical mathematical representations. This hands-on method reinforces early numeracy skills, thus demystifying mathematics for children.

  • In line with the Key Stage 1 maths curriculum, the cards facilitate activities such as counting, reading, and writing numbers up to 100, and comprehending 'one more' and 'one less'. They support visual, tangible learning methods, helping children grasp vital mathematical concepts. Their versatility makes them apt for both individual and group settings, promoting an interactive approach to achieving curriculum objectives.

  • Crafted for repeated use with a write and wipe surface, these flash cards encourage active engagement in learning. They offer children an enjoyable and interactive way to explore numbers and basic arithmetic, laying a solid foundation in maths.


  • Pack size: 30
  • Age Range: 5-6 years +