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Tactile Vibration Sensory Starter Tub

Product Code: SD08222
A set designed to support sensory processing through diverse tactile experiences.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Creative Play

This kit encourages creative play, allowing children to explore and express themselves through tactile experiences by providing them with the necessary tools.

Texture Exploration

Children can explore a variety of textures and sensations, aiding in their sensory development and understanding of the world.

Sensory Therapy Support

This kit helps children relax and focus, making it ideal for therapeutic settings and is designed with sensory therapy in mind.

Fine Motor Skills Development

With items like tactile discs and Sensyballs, the kit supports the development of fine motor skills and sensory discrimination.

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Tactile Vibration Sensory Starter Tub

A set designed to support sensory processing through diverse tactile experiences.


  • The Tactile Vibration Sensory Starter Tub is designed for children with sensory processing issues, offering a realm of tactile exploration opportunities. Within this kit, an assortment of items ranging from Sensyballs to tactile discs offers a range of experiences. These tools are invaluable in helping children differentiate between textures and temperatures, crucial in developing sophisticated sensory processing abilities.

  • Suited for both group activities and individual sessions, the kit caters to a comprehensive sensory diet. For therapy or classroom use, elements like Space Blankets and Goohey Mesh Balls engage senses, promoting sensory integration and fostering fine motor skills development.

  • This kit integrates seamlessly into educational environments, serving as a great resource for accommodating various sensory processing needs. It ensures a multifaceted approach to sensory engagement, indispensable for a nurturing and inclusive learning atmosphere.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 1 x Plastic Tub,1 x Guiro Shaker Tube,2 x Massage Rollers,1 x Two Wheel Massage Roller,2 x Sensyballs,1 x Koosh Ball,1 x Backrest Massager,3 x Space Blankets,1 x Bumble Ball,2 x Water Wigglers,1 x Cuddle Ball - 150mm Dia,,4 x Goohey Mesh Balls,6 x Tactile Hands,1 x Set of Tactile Discs,1 x Bobo Massager,1 x Crystal Organza Rainbow Pack,1 x Touch and Match,1 x Massage Peanut Roll,5 x Finger Colour Mats,1 x Hedgehog Ball - 55mm Dia,,1 x Hedgehog Ball - 70mm Dia,

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 3 to 11 years