Stick On Dragon's Eyes

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Smooth reptilian glass eyes, perfect for enhancing models, pictures, and various craft projects.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Colourful and Safe

Featuring a colourful, smooth rounded shape, these glass eyes ensure children aged 3 years and up can handle them safely.

Easy Application

Designed with a flat back for easy sticking, you can effortlessly add these eyes to any craft project, enhancing its visual appeal.

Instant Character

These eyes add instant colour and character to models, transforming simple creations into captivating works of art.

Creative Learning

Perfect for early maths, sorting, counting, and sequencing activities, these eyes make learning engaging and fun.

Supports Key Stage 1

Aligned with the Key Stage 1 curriculum, these eyes encourage the creative use of materials in designing and making products.

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Stick On Dragon's Eyes

Smooth reptilian glass eyes, perfect for enhancing models, pictures, and various craft projects.


  • Unlock the creative potential of children with these dragon glue-on glass eyes. Suitable for children aged 3 years and up, these glass eyes are designed with 12 assorted designs featuring round and dragon/snake shaped pupils. They're not just for adding a mystical touch to creations; they're also great for educational purposes. Engage children in early maths activities such as sorting, counting, and sequencing while stimulating their imagination and creativity.

  • The eyes are designed with a child-safe, smooth, rounded shape and a flat back for easy application, making them perfect for a range of craft projects. They're an excellent resource for enhancing visual appeal and bringing imaginative ideas to life.

  • These dragon glue-on glass eyes align with educational standards, supporting the EYFS and Key Stage 1 curriculum goals. They encourage children to explore various materials creatively, promoting both artistic expression and cognitive development in a fun and engaging way.

Supports the National Curriculum

Art & Design, Key Stage 1

To use a range of materials creatively to design and make products.

EYFS, Expressive Arts & Design

Explore different materials freely, to develop their ideas about how to use them and what to make.

Design & Technology, Key Stage 1, Make

Select from and use a wide range of materials and components, including construction materials, textiles and ingredients, according to their characteristics.

Technical Summary



  • Glass

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for age 3 years and up