Soft Playground Footballs Size 4 6pk

Product Code: PE00624
Enhance control and safety in playground football with these dimple style, Phthalate-free PVC balls.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Durable Design

Made from high-quality rubber, these footballs are built to last, ensuring endless hours of play and practice in the playground.

Improved Control

The unique dimple style surface enhances grip, allowing for greater control during play, essential for developing football skills.

Safe Material

Made from Phthalate-free PVC, these footballs offer a safe play environment, crucial for nurturing health and skill development amongst children.

Versatile Use

Ideal for both catch and throw activities and structured football games, supporting diverse physical education needs.

Curriculum Support

Aligns with Key Stage 1 and 2 Physical Education aims, fostering basic movement mastery and teamwork skills.

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Safe Playground Footballs Set of 6 Size 4

Enhance control and safety in playground football with these dimple style, Phthalate-free PVC balls.


  • Ideal for children aged 5 to 11, these size 4 soft playground footballs are specifically designed for both football skills enhancement and supporting the physical education curriculum. With a focus on fundamental football techniques and fostering motor skills, the unique dimple-style surface of the balls improves grip and control during play.

  • These footballs ensure a safer environment for children, emphasising health without compromising quality. This material choice not only supports vigorous playground activities but also aligns with educational standards for physical safety and well-being.

  • Incorporating these footballs into regular physical activities can contribute to educational goals such as enhancing students' engagement in physical activities, enriching the physical education curriculum across both Key Stages 1 and 2, and integrating a wider range of sports and physical activities into school life.

  • Colours may vary.

Supports the National Curriculum

Physical Education, Key Stage 1

Master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as developing balance, agility and co-ordination, and begin to apply these in a range of activities.

Physical Education, Key Stage 2

Use running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination.

Physical Education, Key Stage 1

Participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending.

Technical Summary


    Pack size

  • 6

  • Material

  • Rubber

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 3 to 11 years

Size and measurements


  • Size 4

  • Diameter

  • 20 cm