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Social Skills Learning Activity Book A4 88 pages

Product Code: RS46125
A resource designed to help children develop crucial social skills through interactive activities.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Academic and Well-being Support

This resource is dedicated to nurturing children's social skills to enhance their personal development.

Guidance for Educators

Designed to support educators and caregivers, this book provides a variety of activities to help children develop social skills.

Resource Flexibility

Activities and worksheets within this book are designed to be photocopied, allowing for flexible use in educational environments.

Comprehensive Content

Focused on key social topics like empathy and honesty, the book aids in developing crucial interpersonal skills.

PSHE Lesson Support

The book supports elements of the PSHE lessons through activities centred on understanding feelings and emotions.

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Social Skills Learning Activity Book

A resource designed to help children develop crucial social skills through interactive activities.


  • This activity book enriches social skills development through engaging tasks that target empathy, honesty, and personal reflection. It helps children to understand themselves better and their reactions in various social situations, preparing them for healthier social interactions.

  • Educators are equipped with diverse scenarios and discussions on managing emotions and respecting differences. The structured layout and clear instructions support effective session planning. Further, the book promotes continuous engagement with absorbing 'Just for Fun' activities that reinforce learning outcomes.

  • By facilitating children’s comprehension of social dynamics, this tool integrates seamlessly into the PSHE lessons. It is versatile enough to be used across a wide age range, proving itself as an invaluable asset in any educator's toolkit for fostering essential interpersonal skills.

Technical Summary