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Small Electric DC Motor and Pulley Pack


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Add movement and control the speed of your moving model.
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Small Electric DC Motor and Pulley Pack

Add movement and control the speed of your moving model.

  • This pack includes 10 motors and 10 pulleys, expandable to 150 of each for larger projects. Motors operate forward only.

  • Designed for Key Stage 2 learning, it allows children to engage directly with the principles of circuits, conductors, and insulators. The included components facilitate the construction of models showcasing movement and speed control.

  • The pack supports various curriculum objectives, offering an opportunity to explore electrical circuits' basic parts by constructing a straightforward electrical circuit. By doing so, it enhances understanding of how variations in components impact functionality, such as the brightness of bulbs or the loudness of buzzers.

  • This resource marries theory with hands-on application, aligning with the Key Stage 2 Electricity curriculum. By enabling children to create simple series electric circuits and understand the importance of conductors and insulators, it fosters creativity and instils critical thinking skills, laying a foundation for future scientific inquiry.


  • Age Range: 7-8 years to 16-17 years