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Sensory Light Up Tambourine 3pk

Product Code: SS47237
Illuminate sensory spaces with LED tambourines, merging light and sound for an immersive experience.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Engaging Light and Sound

Offers a unique sensory experience combining flashing LED lights with the joy of musical creation, perfect for stimulating visual and auditory senses.

Durable Design

Constructed from tough, ergonomic plastic, designed to endure the rigours of active play while being comfortable to hold and use.

Enhances Sensory Rooms

An ideal addition to any sensory or darkened space, enhancing the environment with its vibrant lights and sounds.

Supports Sensory Stories

Perfect for incorporating into sensory stories, adding an interactive element that brings narratives to life through sound and light.

Encourages Musical Exploration

Promotes the discovery of noise, volume, pitch, rhythm, and tone, encouraging children to explore and create music in a fun way.

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Sensory Light Up Tambourine 3pk

Illuminate sensory spaces with LED tambourines, merging light and sound for an immersive experience.


  • The Sensory Light Up Tambourine combines visual and auditory stimulation in a single, engaging resource. Ideal for sensory rooms and dark environments, the instrument's LED lights and rhythmic sounds support both visual and auditory development.

  • Constructed from durable plastic, it is designed for both safety and usability. Small hands find it easy to hold due to its ergonomic design, making it perfect for energetic play. The integrated On/Off switch enhances battery conservation, ensuring the tambourine is always ready for use.

  • Beyond entertainment, this tambourine is a potent educational tool. It encourages exploration of music and sound, helping children understand concepts such as rhythm, volume, and pitch. It's particularly valued in inclusive play settings, enriching sensory storytelling with interactive elements that captivate and educate.

Technical Summary


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  • 3

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for age 3 years and up