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Sensory Light Kit

Product Code: SD10303
Discover lighting effects designed for serenity in sensory dens or calming sensory areas.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Enhances Sensory Rooms

A versatile addition to sensory rooms or dark dens, offering engaging visual stimuli that captivate and fascinate.

Promotes Relaxation

The kit's varied light effects contribute to a calm and relaxing environment, ideal for de-stressing and unwinding.

Supports Coordination Skills

This toolkit aids in refining hand-eye coordination through its interactive and visually stimulating items, fostering essential developmental skills.

Interactive Learning Tool

Acts as an educational tool, introducing children to cause and effect while enhancing motor skills through playful engagement.

Diverse Sensory Experiences

With a wide range of sensory experiences to explore. children can engage and enhance visual and auditory stimulus.

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Sensory Light Kit

Discover lighting effects designed for serenity in sensory dens or calming sensory areas.


  • This comprehensive set, enriches sensory environments.. Encompassing a range of light-up elements, along with more intriguing items to provide a multi-sensory experience.

  • Ideal for creating a soothing atmosphere, the kit aids in reducing stress and promoting relaxation. It's particularly beneficial in environments like a dark den to provide children with a visual and auditory experience. The ability to interact with various light effects not only entertains but also stimulates focus and cognitive development.

  • Ensuring diversity in sensory stimulation, this kit supports a plethora of learning outcomes. From understanding cause and effect to enhancing coordination and motor skills. We advise the kit is used under adult supervision. Contents may vary.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 4 x Light up Ducks,2 x Light Up Tambourine,2 x Double Ended Light Up Batons,1 x Glitter Base Fibre Optic Lamp,1 x Tornado Lamp,1 x Kaleidoscope

  • Technical specifications

  • Double ended Batons – button batteries included,Tambourines – 2 x AA batteries included,Ducks – button batteries included,Kaleidoscope – batteries required, not included,Fibre lamp – batteries required, not included,Tornado – batteries required, not included

  • Pack size

  • 11

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for age 3 years and up