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Self Healing Cutting Mat

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Durable self-healing cutting base of laminated P.V.C with a non-slip feature for precise cutting.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Durable Construction

This cutting mat features a self-healing surface, ensuring longevity and durability for frequent use in busy educational environments.

Precision Cutting

Features 5mm gridlines on one side, enables precise cuts, which is essential for detailed craft and science projects.

Safety Features

The non-slip safety base prevents mat movement during use, enhancing both safety and accuracy in cutting tasks.

Versatile Use

Ideal for a variety of cutting jobs, this mat is perfect for everything from art projects to scientific preparations.

Curriculum Support

This mat assists in delivering science curriculum effectively by enabling precise layout and cutting of experiment materials, essential for student projects.

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Self Healing Cutting Mat

Durable self-healing cutting base of laminated P.V.C with a non-slip feature for precise cutting.


  • Ideal for dynamic educational settings, this cutting mat offers a self-healing surface, ensuring it remains effective after frequent uses. The robust surface helps maintain the sharpness of cutting tools while the 5mm gridlines support accurate measurements, aiding students in achieving precise results in various projects.

  • With its non-slip safety base, the mat ensures stability during use, making it safer and more reliable for detailed cutting tasks. This feature is particularly beneficial during complex model making or when using sharp tools, reducing the risk of slips and enhancing overall safety in the classroom.

  • In addition to functionality, its resilience and durability make it a cost-effective resource in school settings. It supports a range of subjects, from art to design and technology, providing a practical tool for students to explore and execute their creative and experimental ideas confidently.

Technical Summary


    Age Range

  • Suitable for age 5 years and up