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Support historical research and enquiry with these real life archaeological artefacts.
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  • Why not turn your class into an archaeological dig?
  • A great opener for any Roman topic!
  • Encourage questioning and historical research

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Roman Archaeology Artefacts Collection

Support historical research and enquiry with these real life archaeological artefacts.

  • Provides a tangible way to explore Roman history through multi-sensory activities using real artefacts.

  • Elevate the learning experience with the Roman Archaeo-Box Artefact Collection, a kit that transforms classrooms into historical exploration sites. It includes real Roman artefacts like a spoon, coins, and an oil lamp, alongside archaeology tools. This hands-on approach encourages children to delve into the past, enhancing their understanding and engagement with history.

  • This collection supports the Key Stage 2 curriculum on the Roman Empire's influence on Britain, incorporating authentic resources to facilitate enquiry and critical thinking.

  • Additionally, it introduces Key Stage 1 children to significant historical events, fostering a connection with history from a young age. By encouraging active participation in archaeological activities, this collection lays the groundwork for a lifelong interest in history.


  • Pack size: 25
    • 1 x Roman Spoon
    • 1 x Roman Thimble
    • 1 x Roman Strigil
    • 11 x Roman Coins
    • 1 x Roman Oil Lamp
    • 1 x Chatelaine Set
    • 1 x Roman Torch
    • 1 x Wax Tablet, Styli
    • 1 x Set of Tile Pieces
    • 1 x Set of Moratorium Pieces
    • 1 x Set of Knucklebones
    • 1 x Set of Archaeology Tools
    • 1 x Archaeology Book
    • 1 x Archaeology CD
    • 1 x Archaeology Card