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Rapid Recall Auditory Memory Book

Product Code: SD10388
A practical workbook filled with photocopiable exercises to bolster auditory memory skills.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Boosts Confidence

Structured to enhance self-esteem and confidence by improving the ability to process and recall auditory information.

Versatile Use

Perfectly suited for a range of educational settings, from one-on-one sessions to larger intervention groups.

Effective Repetition

Incorporates repetition exercises that are key to helping children retain auditory information more effectively.

Language Development

Facilitates language acquisition by focusing on phonics and auditory short-term memory, crucial for understanding word sounds.

Comprehensive Resource

Offers 136 pages of photocopiable worksheets, making it an invaluable tool for supporting auditory memory and processing exercises.

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Rapid Recall Auditory Memory Book

A practical workbook filled with photocopiable exercises to bolster auditory memory skills.


  • Adaptable for various educational contexts, the workbook supports children with difficulties in auditory memory.

  • Through engaging exercises focusing on phonics and auditory processing, it targets the improvement of language skills, essential for understanding and connecting word sounds. These activities are integral for children who struggle with receiving and retaining auditory information, potentially hinditing their academic progression and self-esteem.

  • Moreover, its structured approach aids in reinforcing memory retention and recall capabilities, facilitating a better grasp of language concepts. This workbook can be used in both individual and group settings, aiming to elevate educational outcomes for children facing these challenges.

Technical Summary


    Number of pages

  • 136

  • Orientation

  • Portrait

  • Material

  • Paper

Size and measurements

    Paper size

  • A4