Plastic Cotton Reels

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Ideal for use as wheels, these plastic cotton reels are a must-have.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Durable Construction

Manufacturers use durable plastic to construct these multicoloured cotton reels, designing them to withstand the rigours of classroom use and ensure long-lasting educational value.

Curriculum Aligned

These reels support the exploration of mechanisms like levers and axles, directly aligning with Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculum aims in Design & Technology.

Colourful Learning

The multicoloured design of these reels not only adds a visual appeal to projects but also aids in teaching colour recognition and sorting.

Encourages Creativity

Ideal for fostering creativity and problem-solving skills, these reels encourage children to think outside the box and invent new uses.

Hands-on Experience

By integrating these reels into classroom activities, teachers can provide practical experiences that enhance understanding of technical knowledge in Design & Technology.

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Plastic Cotton Reels

Ideal for use as wheels, these plastic cotton reels are a must-have.


  • These plastic cotton reels serve as a vital resource for Design & Technology, combining durability with educational utility. Ideal for illustrating mechanical concepts such as wheels and axles, they are a hands-on tool for demonstrating technical knowledge.

  • For Key Stage 1, these reels present an opportunity to explore simple mechanisms, making it easier for children to grasp the fundamentals of mechanics. At Key Stage 2, their application expands to include more complex systems like gears and pulleys, engaging students in the practical aspects of their curriculum.

  • Constructed from durable multicoloured plastic, these reels are not just educational tools but also add a splash of colour to learning environments, making technical concepts more approachable and enhancing the collaborative and creative learning experience.

Supports the National Curriculum

Design & Technology, Key Stage 1, Technical Knowledge

Explore and use mechanisms (for example, levers, sliders, wheels and axles) in their products.

Design & Technology, Key Stage 2, Technical Knowledge

Understand and use mechanical systems in their products (for example, gears, pulleys, cams, levers and linkages).

Technical Summary


    Technical specifications

  • Standard size,8mm diameter hole,Assorted colours ,Pack of 100

  • Colour

  • Multicoloured

  • Material

  • Plastic

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 5 to 11 years