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Muffik Mini Sensory Play Mats 20pk

Product Code: SS47241
These interactive orthopaedic sensory play mats enhance motor skills and sensory exploration.
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Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

  • Orthopaedic puzzles that help to develop correct gait and posture

  • Helps to develop fine motor skills

  • Encourages collaborative play

  • Strengthens the feet, ankles, knees, and the core for beginner walkers

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Mini Muffik Set

These interactive orthopaedic sensory play mats enhance motor skills and sensory exploration.

  • Children will exercise fine motor skills while putting the pieces together, learn the colours and support both healthy feet and correct body posture

  • Constructed from durable PVC, these Mini Muffik sensory play mats serve as an exceptional tool for supporting children's physical and cognitive development. The unique design of these mats, in the form of an orthopaedic puzzle, not only entertains but also educates, encouraging the development of correct posture and gait in a playful context. Perfect as an extension set to all of the Happy Feet sensory Play Mats, adding in different challenges.

  • The process of assembling the mats is designed to enhance fine motor skills, fostering precision, and hand-eye coordination crucial for the development of dexterity in young learners. The vibrant colours and diverse textures of the mats stimulate sensory feedback, essential for sensory processing and cognitive growth.

  • Moreover, these mats are instrumental in promoting social interaction and collaborative skills among children in educational settings. By collaborating to create imaginative landscapes, children learn valuable lessons in teamwork and social interaction, making learning an engaging, interactive, and healthy experience.


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  • Age Range

    Suitable for age 10 months and up

  • Product contents
    • 2x Grass Firm

    • 2x Grass Soft

    • 2x Starfish Firm

    • 2x Starfish soft

    • 2x Snail Firm

    • 2x Snail Soft

    • 2x Dino Egg Firm

    • 2x Dino Egg Soft

    • 2x Meadow Firm

    • 2x Meadow Soft