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Millhouse Toddler Panels

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Versatile panels for creating distinct spaces and interactive areas in early years settings.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Flexible Configuration

Each panel comes with lockable joiner blocks that ensure secure attachment at various angles, introducing flexibility in setting up diverse learning environments.

Creative Spaces

The provision of low and tall archways provide gateways to imaginative play areas within the classroom, supporting an engaging and interactive environment for children.

Durable Construction

Constructed from high-quality materials, these panels are built to withstand the rigorous use within early years settings, attesting to their durability and reliability.

Enhanced Versatility

You can join them to Millhouse furniture or walls using separate Panel Connectors, increasing the possibilities for innovative classroom designs.

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Millhouse Toddler Panels

Versatile panels for creating distinct spaces and interactive areas in early years settings.


  • The Millhouse Toddler Panels enhance early years settings with their unparalleled adaptability. Accompanied by lockable joiner blocks, these panels can attach at seven distinct angles, allowing for the creative division of spaces - from activity zones to quiet areas.

  • These panels are not merely functional; they play a significant role in creating engaging learning environments. They enable the crafting of focal areas conducive to developmental needs, encouraging focused and meaningful play or study activities.

  • Compatibility with Millhouse furniture or walls using additional Panel Connectors (sold separately) further exemplifies their adaptability. This feature provides educators the flexibility to design spaces that align with curricular demands, rendering the panels a versatile asset in nurturing early childhood education.

Technical Summary



  • 5 Years