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Mayan Archaeo-Box

Product Code: HI00546
Dive into the rich history of the Maya Empire with this artefact collection.
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Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

  • A great artefact handling opportunity!

  • Why not turn your classroom into an archaeological dig?

  • Immerse your whole class in Mayan life

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Maya Archaeology Artefacts Box

Dive into the rich history of the Maya Empire with this artefact collection.

  • Encourage hands-on historical enquiry and insights into Mayan life with an engaging collection of replica resources for classroom activities.

  • Designed to bring Mayan culture and life into the classroom, this set includes high-quality replicas such as a Maya Calendar Stone, Mini Metate, and more, offering a tangible connection to the past. Contents may vary.

  • By turning the classroom into an archaeological dig site or engaging in a history mystery activity, children can explore key aspects of Mayan life and civilisation. This hands-on approach supports critical thinking and enquiry skills, making history come alive.

  • This collection aligns with KS2 curriculum objectives, providing a comprehensive resource for teaching about ancient civilisations. It offers an immersive artefact handling opportunity, encouraging active learning and curiosity about historical cultures.


  • Pack size:


  • Product contents
    • 1 x Maya Calendar Stone

    • 1 x Mini Metate

    • 1 x Maya Glyph Painted onto Amate Paper

    • 1 x Maya Copal Incense

    • 1 x Clay Incense Burner

    • 1 x Maya Plaque

    • 1 x Maya Pot

    • 1 x Set of Cacao Beans

    • 1 x Maya Ceramic Stamp

    • 1 x Archaeology CD