Kitt the Learning Companion

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Kitt enables learners to work independently, engaging with the device to gather evidence of progress.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

21st Century Skills

Kitt develops 21st century learning skills, preparing children for a digital future. It encourages critical thinking and problem-solving.

Accessibility Features

With features like adjustable volume, brightness, haptic feedback, and a braille cell, Kitt ensures an inclusive learning environment for all children.

Workload Reduction

By providing personalised learning devices that cater to the individual needs of each child, Kitt supports teachers in reducing their workload.

Formative Assessment

This companion gathers crucial evidence for formative assessment, making it easier for teachers to track and understand each child's progress.

Curriculum Support

Kitt offers children a chance to practise their speaking and listening skills.

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Kitt the Learning Companion

Kitt enables learners to work independently, engaging with the device to gather evidence of progress.


  • Designed with inclusivity at its core, Kitt offers adjustable settings including volume, brightness, and haptic feedback to accommodate every child's unique needs. A braille cell on the centre button enhances accessibility, making Kitt function akin to a Flash memory stick for diverse educational activities.

  • By connecting Kitt to a computer through a USB cable or docking station, educators can easily transfer audio, video, and image files onto the robot. These can then be accessed by children using the controls on Kitt’s body, facilitating a dynamic learning experience that caters to various learning styles.

  • Supporting the UK curriculum specifically, Kitt plays a vital role in vocabulary building and enhancing fluency in spoken language across Key Stages 1 and 2.

Technical Summary