Junior Aluminium Relay Batons 6pk

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Senior diameter relay batons, essential for sports day and athletics events.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Robust Construction

These batons are made from high-grade aluminium, ensuring they can endure the rigours of active school use and frequent handling during sports events.

Ideal Size and Grip

At 29cm long with a 3.2cm diameter, these batons are designed for a comfortable grip, making them suitable for children at various stages of their physical development.

Enhances Team Spirit

Perfect for relay races and team sports, these batons help foster teamwork and collaboration among children, enhancing their social and physical skills.

Visually Appealing

The multicoloured design of these batons makes them more attractive to children, encouraging their participation and making sports day events vibrant and exciting.

Curriculum Supportive

These batons are aligned with the Physical Education curriculum goals at Key Stages 2 and 3, aiding in the development of essential athletic skills.

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Junior Aluminium Relay Batons 6pk

Senior diameter relay batons, essential for sports day and athletics events.


  • These multicoloured aluminium relay batons are designed to be sturdy and visually appealing, making them an ideal choice for enhancing the excitement and competitive spirit of sports days and athletics events. They are crafted to ensure that children can handle them easily, promoting a positive physical education experience.

  • By integrating these batons into school sports programs, educators can support increased engagement in regular physical activities. They also align with curriculum goals by facilitating the development of physical skills like speed and coordination, thus boosting overall sports performance in an educational setting.

Supports the National Curriculum

Physical Education, Key Stage 2

Use running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination.

Physical Education, Key Stage 3

Develop their technique and improve their performance in other competitive sports (for example, athletics and gymnastics).

Physical Education, Key Stage 2

Develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance (for example, through athletics and gymnastics).

Technical Summary


    Pack size

  • 6

  • Colour

  • Multicoloured

  • Material

  • Aluminium

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 5 to 11 years

Size and measurements


  • 29 cm

  • Diameter

  • 3.2 cm