Investigating the Natural World Set - Rollers, Sensory Stones + More!

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A set designed for exploring seasons and weather, providing engaging resources for children.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Natural World Exploration

This set promotes understanding of the natural world, enabling children to explore seasonal changes and various natural elements through tactile and visual resources.

Language Development

Supports language and communication skills by encouraging children to describe their observations and experiences, enhancing vocabulary through interactive play.

Motor Skills Enhancement

Aids in the development of both fine and gross motor skills as children engage with various elements like rolling stamps and handling small detailed objects.

Seasonal Learning

Children can learn about the effects of changing seasons on the environment, fostering an early appreciation and understanding of nature's cycles.

EYFS Curriculum Support

Aligns with EYFS curriculum aims such as naming and describing plants and animals, and exploring the natural world, making it a valuable resource for early years education.

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Investigating the Natural World Set

A set designed for exploring seasons and weather, providing engaging resources for children.


  • This resource set have been carefully developed to inspire language-rich play. It introduces children to the natural world, enabling them to observe changes in seasons and weather through interactive tools such as seasonal rolling stamps and tactile weather stones. These elements not only support sensory and language development but also deepen children’s understanding of natural sciences.

  • By using these comprehensive resources, children enhance their observational skills, expand their nature-related vocabulary, and creatively express their findings. Materials like wood and stone introduce varied textures, enriching their tactile experience.

  • Aligned with the EYFS curriculum, the set supports key learning objectives such as identifying and describing natural elements. This hands-on approach to early education makes it a valuable tool for facilitating exploration and an appreciation of the environment in children.

Supports the National Curriculum

EYFS, Understanding the World

Name and describe some plants and animals.

EYFS, Understanding the World

Encourage toddlers and young children to enjoy and explore the natural world.

EYFS, Understanding the World

Encourage children's exploration, curiosity, appreciation and respect for living things.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • The kit includes the following resources which may be used separately or together to extend learning:,,Let’s Roll Seasons – This bumper set contains 24 rollers to take you through the year, Simply roll into play dough or clay and stamp to complete each scene, The rollers include the following:,Spring: daffodil & flowers, egg & bird’s nest, blossom & orchard, lamb & sheep, froglet & tadpoles, and duckling & duck,,Summer: sunflower & garden, strawberry & strawberry patch, dandelion & lawn, swallow & rooftops, baby owl & mother owl, and butterfly & flowers,,Autumn: falling leaves & tree, blackberry & bramble, carved face & pumpkin, acorn & squirrel, spider’s web & plants, and apple and apple tree,,Winter: bird & branches, snowflake & snow, holly & winter wreath, face & snowman, reindeer & mountains, and star & fir tree, ,Four Seasons Trees Wooden Play Set ¬– These beautifully detailed double-sided trees are a fantastic addition to small world play scenes and storytelling, The set features the following trees: apple, beech, cherry, Douglas fir, hazel, oak, Scot’s pine, silver birch, Look closely and you find lots of seasonal details including those animals who make their homes or find their food in each habitat: bee, blackbird, butterfly, crossbill, crow, deer, goldcrest, jay, long-eared owl, merlin, mouse, pheasant, rabbit, robin, squirrel, woodpecker, ,Let’s Investigate Nature – These highly tactile stones reflect the found treasures children might discover in the natural world, This set contains eight stones: acorn, dandelion seedhead, feather, pine cone, snail shell, spider’s web, sycamore leaf and sycamore seeds,,Weather Stones – These stones can be used in so many ways: record the weather, make a forecast, sort by the different conditions, press in playdough or create stories alongside other resources, This set includes ten engraved and painted stones representing: dark cloud, light cloud, hail, rain, rainbow, snow, sun, sunny intervals, thunderstorm, and wind,

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