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Hidey Hut Indoor Den

Product Code: SS47330
Quickly create a calming, sensory space with this easy-to-assemble, soft-sided indoor den.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Effortless Assembly

This den features a fold-flat design for effortless assembly and easy storage, ideal for dynamic educational environments.

Spacious Interior

The interior uses tunnel mirrors to create an expansive atmosphere, enhancing sensory experiences for children within the space.

Accessible Design

The large doorway promotes easy access and encourages inclusive play by maintaining a visual and interactive connection with the outside environment.

Versatile Use

This den adapts to multiple indoor settings, fitting seamlessly into various educational environments with its neutral colour and durable materials.

Interactive Features

Designed for sensory integration, the den offers openings in the back corners which can be used for inserting sensory elements like Fibre Optic Sprays, enhancing the playful and learning experience.

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Hidey Hut

Quickly create a calming, sensory space with this easy-to-assemble, soft-sided indoor den.


  • Constructed from robust materials, the Hidey Hut Indoor Den stands out as a sensory resource. It is equipped with a spacious interior that appears even larger due to strategic placement of internal acrylic mirrors that reflect light and create an engaging environment for children.

  • The den's design includes a large doorway that ensures ease of access while maintaining a safe semi-private area. It supports the use of sensory enrichment tools such as Fibre Optic Sprays or Bubble Tubes, which are not included but can be easily integrated into the structure. This feature invites exploration and makes the den an interactive hub for sensory play and learning.

  • Ultimately, the Hidey Hut Indoor Den is a versatile addition to any educational setting, offering a calming retreat or an exciting sensory exploration space. Its foldable design makes it simple to set up and take down, offering flexibility and convenience for teachers and caregivers in managing their environments effectively.

  • Designed to be lit by a set of Fibre Optic tails or Bubble Tube (not included). We have lots of choice on our website.

Technical Summary


    Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 100 x 120 x 120cm

  • Pack size

  • Single

  • Colour

  • White

  • Assembly type

  • Self-Assembly

  • Material

  • Foam



  • Age Range

  • Suitable for age 3 years and up