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Happy Feet Sensory Play Mats 8pk

Product Code: SS47373
Orthopaedic play mats designed to stimulate sensory development and promote healthy foot growth.
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Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

  • Provides sensory stimulation

  • Improves balance and coordination

  • Helps children to calm and relax

  • Strengthens the feet, ankles, knees, and the core

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Happy Feet Rainbow Set 8pk

Orthopaedic play mats designed to stimulate sensory development and promote healthy foot growth.

  • Constructed from varied textured materials, these mats stimulate physical activity and developmental benefits for children.

  • Simply place these play mats on the floor to facilitate barefoot exploration by children. Enhance sensory experiences and physical development seamlessly during playtime. Proprioception is the body's sense of awareness of its own position and movement. It is important for balance, coordination, and fine motor skills. Happy Feet Play Mats can help to develop proprioception by providing deep-pressure stimulation to the feet.

  • The different textures provide deep-pressure stimulation, which can help to improve foot arch development, balance, and coordination. The mats are also fun and engaging for children, making them a great way to incorporate physical activity into their playtime. Can also be used to develop hand strength, as children can use the textures to feel and touch.

  • In educational environments, these mats not only provide sensory feedback to assist in gross motor development but also create an inviting and colourful space for children to learn and play, making them a practical addition to any sensory-enhanced curriculum.

  • Constructed from robust PVC, the mats are ideal for frequent cleaning and maintenance in both educational and therapeutic settings. Washing with warm soapy water or using a spray sanitiser is recommended, and letting the mats dry naturally ensures their durability.


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  • Age Range

    Suitable for age 10 months and up

  • Product contents
    • 1x Meadow

    • 1x Hedgehog

    • 1x Dino eggs

    • 1x Conker

    • 1x Grass

    • 1x Pine Cones

    • 1x Pebbles

    • 1x Twister