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Glow In The Dark Comfort Blanket

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A plush blanket, perfect for calming or relaxing children, with a soft, comforting feel.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Visual Stimulation

The glow-in-the-dark patterns on the blanket provide essential visual stimulation, cater specifically to sensory seekers, and enhance their sensory experience.

Calming Aid

Designed to aid in relaxation, this blanket helps children calm down, making it perfect for use in sensory rooms or as part of a calming corner.

Versatile Use

Its versatility makes it ideal for sensory rooms or dark dens, where it can create a visually stimulating and comforting environment.

Soft & Comforting

Made from soft velour, it offers a comforting touch, ensuring it's gentle against the skin for everyday use.

Sensory Processing Support

Supports sensory processing by being a part of a sensory diet, helping children with self-regulation through tactile and visual inputs.

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Glow In The Dark Comfort Blanket

A plush blanket, perfect for calming or relaxing children, with a soft, comforting feel.


  • Constructed from plush velour, this blanket provides not only a soft touch but also visually engaging glow-in-the-dark patterns for sensory seekers. Measuring W96 x L159cm, it fits effortlessly into sensory rooms, dark dens, classrooms, and home environments. Exposure to light during the day primes the glow, captivating children's interest.

  • This item fits into a sensory diet, promoting self-regulation with sensory and cognitive strategies for managing sensory processing. Useful in both educational and therapeutic settings, it helps establish calming spaces that foster concentration and relaxation.

  • In addition, it enriches sensory rooms or dark dens by offering a visually stimulating and comfortable tool, enhancing sensory experiences for children. Its soft velour fabric is designed to be gentle on the skin, suitable for regular use while providing necessary tactile and visual stimulation for sensory seekers.

Technical Summary


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